Our Story

Our Story

Plant-Based Comfort Foods

 komo team

At Komo, we believe plant-based eating is the future and change can start with a single bite. Our mission is to make plant-based meals a staple on every dinner table by sharing our love for feel-good food that connects the people to the planet.

We believe in the magical moments that come from sharing the food we love with the ones we love. The conversation, the connection, the sense of community that can bridge culture and cuisine - it’s something special. 

At Komo, we want to be the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” We create familiar, nostalgic comfort classics that bring people together - and we make them plant-based. 

We're three lifelong foodies from Vancouver: Jeffrey (an inspired product inventor),  Fred (a vegan chef), and Adya (an operations wizard), working together to craft real food that follows three uncompromising principles:

#1 It has to be seamless to include in everyday life.

#2 It has to be made with only wholesome ingredients (nothing artificial).

#3 And it has to be plant-based, always.

Easy. Wholesome. Hearty. And oh-so Shareworthy!

We believe that plant-based eating is the way of the future; a style of eating that is kind to the planet, animals and people. We know that if we are able to create and deliver on this through wholesome feel-good favourites, we can get more people on board. We can’t wait to share them with you. 

- Jeffrey, Adya & Fred

What's in our name?  Komo is an evolution of the word como - “to eat” in Spanish - and komorebi, which is Japanese for sunlight filtering through leaves. The word represents warmth, nature, and love. It’s a word that feels friendly and familiar. That’s who we are, and that’s what we do. 

Komo is Plant-Based
Feel Good Food

Based in Vancouver, BC Canada 

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