Our Story

Our Story

Plant-Based Comfort Foods


At Komo, we want to be the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” We create familiar, feel-good favourites that bring people together - and we make them plant-based with real food ingredients for easy, shareworthy meals. 

Choosing to eat more plant-based is a great decision. We believe that plant-based eating is the way of the future; a style of eating that is kind to the planet, the animals and people. Yet, it’s not always easy. It can actually be quite hard. It involves relearning how we prepare and cook food for ourselves and others. Rethinking our familiarity with ingredients, practices, traditions and connection with the meals on our plate everyday. 

We experienced these challenges ourselves and believed better plant-based options can be possible. Plant-based meals that focused on real food ingredients, satisfying food experiences, and convenience (without the microwave). We also saw the need for more shareable options that can be enjoyed together with our family and friends, because food just tastes that much better when shared. This is what we do at Komo, creating feel good favourites that are easy, wholesome, hearty and shareworthy. 

We’re a team of foodies who believe in the magical moments that come from sharing the food we love with the ones we love. The conversation, the connection, the sense of community that can bridge culture and cuisine - it’s something special. Our mission is to make plant-based meals a staple at every dinner table through feel good foods that connect people to the planet. We believe if we can make plant-based eating easy, with good ingredients yet ultimately satisfying and shareable, we can encourage more people onboard. And this keeps us creating and moving everyday.  

At Komo, we believe plant-based eating is the future and change can start with a single bite. We can’t wait to share our plant-based foods with you. 


What's in our name?  Komo is an evolution of the word como - “to eat” in Spanish - and komorebi, which is Japanese for sunlight filtering through leaves. The word represents warmth, nature, and love. It’s a word that feels friendly and familiar. That’s who we are, and that’s what we do. 

Komo is Plant-Based
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Based in Vancouver, BC Canada 

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