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Frédéric Gagné aka Chef Fred was born and culinary trained in Quebec, Canada, but his enthusiasm to learn new cultures and cook different cuisines has taken his culinary journey across the world. He has been a health enthusiast and professional plant based chef for over 20 years.

In September 2020, Komo Foods began collaborating with Chef Fred to create delicious plant-based meals and in May 2021 Chef Fred joined Komo as our Director of Culinary Development. He works closely with our CEO to bring delicious, hearty and nutrition meals to market under the Komo brand.

Being in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years, Chef Fred has worked in the North Pole, Australia and everywhere in between. Having experience of every role in the kitchen, he understands how each of them contribute to a successful culinary operation. Chef Fred’s expertise advising on the development and improvement of food service operations, including menus, food safety, costs & profitability, has been valued by high quality hotels & resorts, catering companies and restaurants in Europe, North America, Australia and the Caribbean. Chef Fred worked as the Executive Chef for one of Canada’s largest restaurants, SteamWorks, with a team of 42 chefs, for approximately 13 years.

Chef Fred is a dedicated team leader and mentor to his staff. He has successfully managed teams as large as 42 and has trained many chefs privately. He has managed events for hundreds of guests, equally, he has executed many private functions. Each time, his goal is to create a culinary experience that guests will remember. To do this, he is continually expanding his knowledge of culinary techniques and trends, which has made him skilled in adapting to changes in the hospitality, food and health industries. Chef Fred values the importance of sourcing sustainable ingredients and enjoys creating delicious plant-based dishes. He also co-hosts a weekly online show promoting healthy lifestyles. As a vegan chef, Chef Fred brings enthusiasm, creativity and a social awareness to everything he does. He promotes a healthy lifestyle while informing his followers on ways to stay healthy and fit while enjoying a plant-based lifestyle. He is a holistic nutritionist & transformation specialist helping people live a healthier lifestyle while offering catering and teaching to his clients.



Mr. White is a passionate proponent of Komo’s mission to change the eating habits of people through innovation by creating delicious plant-based meals. Mr. White founded the company in 2018 and as chief executive officer, he sets the corporate strategy for Komo, overseeing all capital raising activities and the company’s growth and ensuring that the company develops initiatives that can positively impact society, including issues affecting the environment, and policies that support our workforce and diversity, engagement with the community and governance and oversight such as board composition, code and values. Founder, President, and CEO of Lynx Gold Corp. (recently acquired buy a public company) From November 2020 to the present, Mr. White has been the President and CEO of Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. and he led the acquisition of our operating subsidiary, Komo Plant Based Comfort Foods Inc., where he previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer from January 2018 to December 2020. From August 2020 to March 2021, Mr. White was the President and CEO of Lynx Gold Corp., a junior gold exploration company, which was acquired by a publicly traded company in October 2020. In 2017, Mr. White was self-employed in a home building and renovation business. From 2007 to 2017, he worked in safety and logistics compliance and in human resources management in the long haul transport industry, acting as a Safety & Logistic Compliance Officer, as well as a human resources manager. His experience in the transport industry included recruitment and managing all US Department of Transportation and Canadian National Safety Code ratings inclusive of accident investigations, implementing, monitoring, and managing safety programs, policies, and procedures. He has been an active investor in the capital markets for the past five years and has taken courses in Financing, Governance and Compliance for Public Companies at Simon Fraser University.



Mr. Huang has been CFO of the company since February 2021 and he manages the accounting and financial reporting for Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. and our subsidiaries. He has served as a CFO for publicly traded companies for more than a decade, managing all aspects of finance, banking, compliance, accounting, reporting, internal control, admin, and supporting the board of directors in financial oversight. Previously, Mr. Huang served as CFO of Hanwei Energy Services Corp. (TSX: HE) from April 2007 to May 2018 where he has managed all aspects of finance, banking, compliance, accounting, reporting, internal control, admin, supporting the board of directors in financial oversight. He also has supervised all aspects of accounting for various subsidiary companies in Canada, China, and Kazakhstan and consolidations under IFRS. He has worked on investor relations activities, roadshows, AGM preparations, and licensing agreements. He has led various public equity financing projects raising funds of up to $90 million and leading acquisitions of up to $80 million. Rick has engaged in negotiations for international joint ventures, including drafting shareholders’ agreements, establishing international legal entities, and asset transfers. Rick’s experience also included various finance and marketing roles with large international companies like the Pepsi Bottling Group (Canada), Schering Plough Canada, and Coca-Cola China. Rick also serves as Chair of the Audit Committee for Datable Technology Corp. (TSXV: TTM) from 2015 to present and he has been the Chief Financial Officer of Better Plant Sciences Inc. since 2018, working with the CEO to raise over $12 million. He was previously Chair of the Governance Committee and member of the Audit Committee of Poydras Gaming Finance Corp. (TSXV: PYD) from 2012 to 2014. Rick has been a designated CPA and CGA since June 2005. Rick completed his Bachelor of Arts at Shanghai International Studies in 1991 and his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario in 2001.

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