Tips and Tricks to Transition Into Plant-based Eating

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Easy Plant-based Summer Substitutions and Inspiration

Making the transition to plant-based eating can be a breeze - for some. For others, it’s a disorienting and daunting process that leaves you questioning how any of it could be fun. Meal planning, prepping, researching ingredients… plant-based eating is no easy feat. However, like most things in life, it truly gets easier the longer that you do it.

So what are some easy tips and tricks to help you spring into plant-based living, especially during summer and BBQ season right? Read on to discover swaps, easy weeknight dinner ideas, and how Komo can be your new best friend.

Plant-based Swaps

As our friend and Dietitian Desiree Nielsen says, “pattern over plate” - keep this in mind as you begin your plant-based journey. It’s normal to have hiccups, to feel confused, and sometimes plant-based eating is the last thing on your mind. In those situations it becomes more and more difficult to answer the question “what’s for dinner?”.

Enter: Komo. We can help you answer that question by providing convenient, healthy, and hearty dinner options that your whole family will enjoy. 

At Komo, we like to swap: take our lasagna, for example. You’ll feel nourished, full, and won’t be missing meat or dairy at all. That’s because we swapped out the meat of the lasagna for a wholesome tofu ricotta, and made our own ooey, gooey plant-based cheese sauce - our well-loved chickpea béchamel.

The key to making the plant-based transition a little easier is to swap out your animal containing counterparts with veggie options. Think a pasta sauce made with lentils instead of ground beef, family taco nights turn veggie when you replace the beef with beans, and your favourite tuna sandwich is easily made plant-based by using chickpeas instead of fish - with a few other small modifications.

A sustainable and healthy diet adds and doesn’t deprive, and at Komo, we’re all about eating good food - so let’s replace and add, instead of subtract what you’re putting on your plate. 

Easy Swaps:
Ground beef or meat sauce swap for Lentils, beans, vegetable protein
Tuna salad swap for Smashed chickpea salad
Creamy carbonara swap for Cashew cream carbonara

Crowd Favourite: Komo Lasagna

Pantry Staples:

Have you ever opened your refrigerator, only to stare into the cool abyss of sad looking lettuce, a wilted carrot, and three-day old leftovers… and then promptly close the door to boldly declare that there’s never anything “fun” to eat? No? It’s just us then? Didn’t think so.

Rather than spending the evening looking for top rated recipes online or scrolling tiktok for the latest and greatest viral food trend, why not keep some plant-based pantry staples on hand for easy dinners? Besides Komo’s Lasagna, Chickenless Pot Pie, or Shepherd’s Pie, read on to find our favourite pantry items that help you whip up a healthy plant-based dinner in no time.

Meal Inspiration:
Chickpeas to make Chickpea tuna, Curries, Chickpea Salad, Bowls, Roasted Chickpeas
Oatmeal to make Baked oats, Bread, Overnight oats, Granola
Black Beans to make Black bean burgers, Taco filling, Black bean brownies
Tempeh to make Tempeh bac'un, Chick'n noodle soup with tempeh, sandwiches
Spring-time Grilling 

With summer in full force, BBQ season is upon us. Going plant-based during grilling season doesn’t have to be hard; think black-bean burgers, grilled veggies, and BBQ tofu. When you’re headed to an outdoor gathering, bring your favourite plant-based protein and grill it up - you’ll feel satiated, explore new recipes, and will inspire others to try to incorporate more plants into their diets! Not only will plant-based proteins keep you full and taste delicious, they’re a healthy option for those watching their saturated fat intake, cholesterol, and wanting to up their fiber. 

BBQ Swaps:
Black beans swap for Tofu
Tofu swap for BBQ tofu steaks
Avocado swap for Grilled avocados with corn
In Conclusion:

Eating plant-based can be a challenge, but it shouldn't be frustrating! Thinking creatively can help you find fun plant-based swaps, and new ways to use familiar ingredients for alternative plant-based meals. Let us know in the comments your favourite plant-based swap!

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