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At Komo, we aim to make plant based eating easy, wholesome, and hearty at every dinner table. We believe in plant based meals that focus on real food ingredients and help create memorable experiences with friends and family.

Hence, we are excited to announce a new dinner must-have, Komo’s MAC & GREENS.


Our Inspiration in Creating the Mac & Greens

We're always trying to innovate and thinking of new ideas and products that make sharing plant-based meals easy, yet incredibly satisfying. Often asking ourselves - what should Komo introduce next? Late last year, we introduced Komo Eats, our ghost test kitchen concept in Vancouver. We saw this as another way to make plant-based meals more accessible and share our brand with more people. Mac & Cheese has always been the most highly requested product, so we launched with a gourmet Mac & Cheese menu, and Mac & Greens was one of these menu items.

Mac & Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It'sIt's ooey-gooey, creamy, rich and packed with flavours. For Chef Fred, one of the masterminds in creating this crowd-pleaser, Mac & Cheese was his go-to meal when he was a teenager. Yet typically, Mac & Cheese has always been a cheap dinner option with artificial ingredients. But at Komo, we got your back! We wanted to create something that offered a satisfying meal with wholesome ingredients. Hence our Mac & Cheese is packed with greens = Mac & Greens.

Perfecting our Mac & Greens

Fun Fact: Chef Fred made over 100 renditions before perfecting the final version. 

We made our first rendition of Mac last June, and it took months to perfect the recipe. Perfecting the timing between sauce consistency while making sure the noodles were cooked correctly was complex. Erin Ireland has always inspired us as she uses tahini in some of her cream sauce recipes. We taste-tested for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for months on end to create the best product for our customers. It definitely was a challenge, but we are so proud of what we've accomplished in the end. We perfected our Mac & Greens to be cheesy, creamy, rich and satisfying, yet it still proudly incorporates only wholesome, real ingredients - the best of both worlds!

What's in our Mac & Greens

  • Greens are incorporated with spinach, basil pesto, edamame and parsley 
  • The creamy sauce is made with oat, tahini, and coconut 
  • Topped with garlicky panko breadcrumbs

Our Twist - Garlicky Panko Breadcrumbs

Sometimes Mac & Cheese can get boring and one-dimensional. So we wanted to create something over the top and add another fun, crunchy, and textured layer with a panko breadcrumb topping, just as you would at home. The contrast between the creamy sauce and the crunchiness makes every bite different and exciting. Chef Fred likes to call our panko and Macs our two peas in a pod because they truly compliment each other so well!


Reflection from Fred - Words to our Customers:

Mac & Cheese, it doesn't matter where you live in this world or how old you are; everyone has tried Mac & Cheese. I've travelled the world for years going from one continent to the next, always eating a lot of Mac & Cheese. 

The Mac & Cheese I grew up with was cheap, easy to make, filling, and tasty. However, when I was eating it in the 90s, I didn't have the information we have today about the ingredients they were using and at the time, I didn't care and consider the breakdown of ingredients. Today, I'm proud to be a health nut and have been for over 15 years, and I have made it a priority to take care of my health. Both physically and mentally. I choose to eat whole food. I choose to exercise daily. I choose to sleep between 7-9 hours a day because I realized that we only have one body, and we got one shot to have a long, happy, and healthy life. As we are given one chance at this life, I believe it's better to live it content and healthy.

Working at Komo, we create products made with lots of love and incorporate simple, real food ingredients. Hence, what I love about our Mac & Greens the most are the real food ingredients. We have achieved creaminess, gooeyness, and a crunch to add to the excitement with the final product. It is the ultimate comfort food that looks amazing in the middle of the dinner table with your sides like a salad, roasted broccoli, or coleslaw. 

Nothing could make me happier to see the world move toward more plant based eating because of its amazing benefits and moving towards eating whole foods. At Komo, we are wholesome, so don't be afraid to feed your loved ones. We are share-worthy, so be happy when you bring us to your next potluck. We are easy because we know you are busy yet still want good food. Lastly, at Komo, we like to say, "we believe that plant based eating is the way of the future; a style of eating that is kind to the planet, the animals and people," and I genuinely believe that with all my heart and soul.

With love always,

Chef Fred

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