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Easy • Wholesome • Hearty • Shareworthy

These are the guiding principles for all our products at Komo. We asked ourselves every day - how can we make plant-based eating easier, using only real ingredients, yet still incredibly satisfying?

We’re happy to share that our products are about to get a little more wholesome while remaining as easy and hearty as ever. After listening to your feedback, we are making a few changes that will make our product more readily available for you and our retailers.

What does that mean? With these changes, we will be able to expand to more stores (maybe somewhere near you!) and continue to pursue our mission to make plant-based meals a staple at every dinner table! 

Let’s break down a few of these changes, shall we?

The All-New Komo Packaging!

How about a brand new packaging refresh that still provides the same modern comfort feeling? Because that’s exactly what we decided to do! Our new packaging is now friendlier to the environment, tamper-evident, and can more easily be spotted in any of our retail locations!

Now here’s a more in-depth look at our packaging: 

  • We heard you love the aluminum trays! That comes as no surprise as aluminum is easy to clean and is 100% recyclable over and over again. Our new trays will still be made from aluminum materials for an easy, ready-to-bake experience. 
  • Say goodbye to bulky plastic lids that fall off! Our new trays are now hermetically sealed with a film to make them tamper-proof.  
  • Our sleeves are now made with 100% recycled paper!

Say Pie to the Chick’n! 🥧

We’ve renamed our Chick’n Pot Pie to Chickenless Pot Pie! We decided to change the name of our beloved Pot Pie product for regulation purposes, however, it still retains the same flavourful hearty taste. Also, did we mention that our pie now has a top and bottom crust and is packaged now in a box? Yep.

Same satisfying food experience, made more wholesome ✨

At Komo, we’re all about incorporating real ingredients into our wholesome vegan food classics. We’ve heard from you that you love to use recognizable, real food ingredients and have taken this to heart. We’ve worked to shorten the ingredients lists for all our products and removed ‘added flavours’ in our products.

Our Lasagna is still layered with a Cheezy Chickpea Bechamel, Creamy Tofu Ricotta Spread, Tomato Lentil Ragu, and Semolina Pasta. A savoury ten-layering for the ultimate comfort meal.

While our Shepherd’s Pie will use Organic Lentil & Pea Crumble, Mushroom Onion Gravy, and a Veggie Medley for its filling. Topped with a creamy Yukon Gold Garlic Mash.

Both our Shepherd’s Pie and Lasagna will now use organic Canadian green lentils grown in Saskatchewan.

Of course, we could not forget our Chickenless Pot Pie. It still contains a Creamy Veggie Medley and Chick'n Soy Curls wrapped in an Olive Oil pie crust! Our savoury, creamy and golden product will always be a hearty classic.

We can’t wait to share these new products with you and we also want you to know that we’re always listening to what you have to say about our comfort meals! They’re available online NOW and in stores soon.

Any questions? Send us a message!

At Komo, we’re on a mission to share the love of plant-based foods and make plant-based meals a staple at every dinner table. We believe change can start with a single bite and through our comfort foods, we aim to make plant-based eating easy, wholesome and hearty. We recently launched our shareworthy plant-based LasagnaShepherd’s PieChickenless Pot PieBolognese Sauce, and Taco Filling locally in the Lower Mainland.  Connect: www.komocomfortfoods.com | Instagram @komocomfortfoods

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