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PLant Goodness Around Town

The plant-based food scene has never been more exciting and scrumptious! Growing from the days when a plant-based restaurant was a rare gem in the neighborhood to now popping up to your crowd favourites and offerings almost every corner, there is no shortage of deliciousness in sight. We share our favourite vegan food offerings from breakfast delights to pantry staples and dine in options. Before you know it, your grocery cart may just be filled up to the brim (and we support you fully for it!)

Delights for your Morning Ritual

Mindfoods Chia Pudding

Mindfoods inspires communities to live healthier and happier lives through their chia puddings. But wait, this isn’t your average chia pudding. It’s powered with adaptogenic herbs for nourishing the mind. These natural compounds found in plants target a few stressors of the body and aim to bring balance. Each flavour available (Banana Prana, Cosmic Cacao & Strawberry Zen) is an intentional medley of essential minerals and ingredients. Add this to your next breakfast for the ultimate zen morning.

NutMeg Mylk

Enter another wholesome brand reviving the plant-based milk scene. NutMeg Mylk offers a collection of dairy-free milks inspired by tackling the inconsistency and ingredients found in store-bought nut milks. All NutMeg Mylks are raw, organic, preservative-free and made with local ingredients where possible. They also have a newly launched HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) line extending the shelf life of their classic favourites: The Tahiti, The Blue Moon and The Andes. The products are really as inviting as the names.

PAntry & Fridge Staples

Blue Heron 

If you love cheese and have been looking for a satisfying plant-based alternative, the search is finally over (we say this with great certainty indeed). Blue Heron Creamery makes paramount vegan cheeses using the magic of traditional culturing methods. Whether you’re looking for a blue cheese copycat, something to spice up your favourite pasta, or even to enjoy on its own, Blue Heron has the perfect accompaniment for you. Cheeze please!

Salt Spring Harvest Vege Pates 

We love a mission of using good food to bring people together and Salt Spring Harvest does just that. With inspiration drawn from the limited offerings of tasty végé-pâtés in stores, Salt Spring Harvest was born! All of their vegan pates are free of nuts, soy and dairy and lovingly made in a production kitchen in the woods of Salt Spring Island. Crumble the pates into a salad, add to a fancy charcuterie or spread one of their satisfying dips onto a sandwich (or anything!). You’ll have a very pleased crowd at your next picnic shouting ‘dip, dip, hooray’!

Nona Vegan 

Nona is for the days when you need a sauce to accompany your meals (which in my case, is likely everyday). Need it to be dairy-free and gluten-free? Nona’s got your back. You’ll surely taste the dedication of their artisanal sauces and maybe even add these to your current sauce staples. Reminisce and bring the comfort and nourishment of Italian cooking home with Alfredo-,Cheesy- and Carbonara-style sauces all made with a creamy cashew base.

Cafes to grab your next bite at

Kind Café 

The best father and daughter duo come together to create a zero-waste vegan eatery in Vancouver: Kind Café. Kind Cafe is living the mission of being kind to the planet, the community, animals and oneself. They are a zero-waste eatery serving delicious vegan meals while embodying good nutrition, sustainability and support for local suppliers! You’ll know the menu is a must-try when the cheeses and mylks are also house-made. Sit in and savour their one-of-kind of flatbreads (we’re heads over heels for the Buffalo Cauli) or stop by for a delightful snack at happy hour. That happy hour will lead to a very happy belly.

The Workshop Vegetarian Café 

Veggie goodness harmoniously meets Japanese cuisine. Serving up vegetarian food options such as signature ramen bowls, buddha bowls, gyozas and more, this is another spot to complete that comfort food craving (Does ‘creamy butternut squash and nut medley noodles hit a spot?’). If you’re wanting more bites after a meal, bring their share-worthy broths, baked goods, sauces and many other vegetarian food options to enjoy at home. These would also make for an easy vegan dinner accompaniment! Even if you’re not in the city centre of Vancouver (they are located in North Vancouver), you might be making the second visit very soon!

Something for Your Sweet Tooth

Umaluma Gelato 

Umaluma was founded with a goal of creating non-dairy ice cream with all the benefits of traditional gelato - creamy, smooth and flavourful. And I’d say they do a pretty great job at accomplishing that; so well that you probably won’t notice it’s plant-based. To entice you further, they have a fine selection of nostalgic offerings from Strawberry Malbec to Banana Flambe. Their artisan approach to gelato even involves making their own nut milks. Talk about high quality gelato!

Zimt Chocolates 

Vegan chocolate with the most intentional compassion describes Zimt. They consistently keep sustainability in mind at every corner of their business from organic ingredient sourcing to vegan supplies used in house. Even their packaging is completely biodegradable (not that you would leave a whole chocolate bar unattended for that long!). Plus, they donate a portion of proceeds to worthy organizations so your chocolate enjoyment will all be for good causes. Pick up some decadent bars, drinking chocolate mixes or fine caramels as gifts or simply stock up with the entire menu for those sweet tooth days ahead!

At Komo, we’re on a mission to share the love of plant-based foods and make plant-based meals a staple at every dinner table. We believe change can start with a single bite and through our comfort foods, we aim to make plant-based eating easy, wholesome and hearty. We recently launched our shareworthy plant-based Lasagna, Shepherd’s Pie, Chick’n Pot Pie, Bolognese Sauce and Taco Filling locally in the Lower Mainland.  Connect: www.komocomfortfoods.com | Instagram @komocomfortfoods

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